Mysterious Meal

Most people like a good mystery novel or movie. It is engaging to get caught up in a plot, try to figure out who did it and then have all things resolve in the end. We like to get answers don’t we? That is part of the reason we come to church. To get answers. We get some answers as we sing, as we pray and certainly as the Word is preached. How about the Lord’s Table? Are any mysteries solved there? Yes and no.

Many of you know what we believe about the Lord’s Supper. It is more than a remembrance. Those who are in good standing in the church may come to it. It is a means of grace. It is to be taken in community in conjunction with the preaching of the Word.

We believe more than that, but that is not the point of this blog. I want to share with you today that it is mysterious and it gives us the answers we need. It is mysterious because we do not know exactly what happens and how Christ is unusually present.

We can tell you that sometimes nothing happens on the surface. That is when we remember it is a spiritual thing. Sometimes emotions are evident, but we always consider them in light of spiritual change. We do it because Jesus strongly suggested we do. He knows all the details. So where are the answers? Maybe the answer is found in the question, “Are you in Christ?”

I mean after all you have said and done, wicked thoughts you have had, kind deeds you left undone and the general malaise you have had towards the One who died for you, are you still here? Are you still counting yourself as one of the faithful? If you come to the table, the answer is yes. You are saying, at that moment, “I take Christ over my sin, over my life, over my free will. I take Christ.”

In the past few months we have seen people be so mysteriously drawn to the table that they were willing to give up sin. As we have counseled with them, and they have admitted holding on to sin, we have said, “We want you to come to the table, but we fear that you can not unless you are willing to lay down your sin.”

We are His witnesses. Some have. They so wanted Him that they laid down them. Tears of emotion included were not the reality, Christ was the reality. He overwhelmed them and they were changed. He drew them.

Maybe you are stuck. Maybe you are holding on to something. Release it by the power of the Spirit and come to the table of the Lord a free man or woman. He waits for you. Saturday nights 6p. Sunday morning 10:45a gym

Worship Well