I was so over it. One car in shop = $900. Next car = $250. Next car dripping from water pump. We will wait. First car back in shop another $200. Next car (2nd car) back in shop. Leaking water. I was expecting the worst. ARGHH!!!

So my Volvo guy called me. "Mr Schlichting your car is ready.."

"How much Edgar?" (yes we are on a first name basis) "Three..." I thought, "$300...oh my..." "Ok," I said.

"Actually, three seventy eight..." Edgar said. "You just needed a clamp. $3.78"

He could have said $378 and I would have paid. I don't know the difference. He was honest. He was trustworthy. $3.78

We need people we can trust. I am sure Edgar is not perfect, but he was kind.

Need a good Volvo guy? Ask me.

Sometimes I think the worst. Expecting Him to tell me the great expense. Often, my life is a lot better then I think. He is sweeter than we know.