The Power of Presence at Christmas

Christmas is a time for presents isn’t it? My guess is most of you will give or receive some present on Christmas Eve or day. That is just great, and it really is an important part of the season. As you do, we would love for you to reflect on presence. The words are similar aren’t they? The presence we are talking about is, in the first part, your presence. You are present here today, on earth.

Presence counts for a lot. In fact, it counts for more than presents. Being with someone has a value that far surpasses sending them a gift in a box. This holiday season many of you will give a hug, share a meal, smile a smile and laugh till you cry as you gather with one another around a dinner table. Some of you will weep as you realize that the one who was present last year is no longer here.

There is a great One who makes His presence known at this time of year. Jesus came in human form to be with us. He lived with us and died amongst us. He rose from the grave and now intercedes in the presence of the Father. He is our ever present help in trouble. He is Emmanuel, God with us. This is the time of year we remember all that and more.

No other religion has a God like that; a God who is with us and in fact is in us. He is our great present. He is our great reward.

So as we celebrate this season, we encourage you to be fully present and to enter into His presence. It is a bit mysterious, but we believe His presence this season is for you.

If you have questions, are hurting or feel like your presence is so small that no one cares, let us know. We care because He does. Have a blessed Christmas.