Every Culture

Today I was reminded that every culture brings some of Him to the table and every culture brings some of them. Here is what I mean.

Germans are different than Americans than Spaniards. Each have a facet that reveals their creator. All of them have sin nature, some of which is uniquely American, German or Spanish in culture. So, when a group gets together cross culturally, both are revealed. Germans cluster with Germans as Americans do with Americans. That tower of Babel thing. It is hard for us to be cross cultural Christian to Christian...but God may be calling us who live in cities to do that first as preparation to cross culture with the non believing world.

It is a small step, but a large one to die to self and think of other cultures as higher than your own.

He humbled Himself for the human race. So we are called to enter into that kind of humility as scary as it may be. Not understanding language, culture, how teenagers act or why old people are the way they are.

Cross cultural.


That is what bridges the gap. All take one giant step towards the cross. Male and female, young and old, American and German...thinking of other cultues and generations and sexes as higher than oursleves....Lord help us!!

Here there is no Jew or Greek...slave or free......