Lent is just around the corner. The period of time we historically have done with less to remember more. It is the 40 days or so from Ash Wednesday to Easter. 

Some people are living with less now in general and it is hard. Some people live with less as a way of life. What will we do with out for Lent? It is hard to live with less, even for a short time, unless you can look at the greater context and see more.  

I don't know what I will do. I do know the One who lived with less. Who gave up, who set aside, that we might have "more." 

Can I encourage you, as you think of living voluntarily or involuntarily with less during this season of Lent, to remember the One who gave us the "less" we have?

Whatever our circumstance, Christ reigns. He now has all kingdoms as His footstool and He shall come again for us. Until then, we can do with what we have, and maybe even less, as we look to the One who has all we need.