Deficit Spending

I used to be a business type guy. We would sell things and make money to pay the bills. What was left over was profit. In a good month we would tuck a little away because we knew there would be months that were not good. Kind of like a squirrel hiding a few acorns. We got a bonus at the end of the year if it was a good one, but we always kept some cash in hand. Cash is king.

Over the years I think I have lost my business sense. I don't know how and why deficit spending works and the true beauty of it. I am sure someone can explain it. It is just a different system. It is helpful to my soul as I think of it though.

You see in my life I do believe in deficit spending. Not financially but spiritually. I have racked up quite a tab and more is on the way. My accounts never seem to balance. Nothing seems to be left to profit. Thank God for Jesus. 

He is not a stimulus package. He is not a tax cut. He is not a program. He is not giving me a rebate to spur me on. 

He is an eradicator of debt. He is an annihilator of ills. He is a redeemer of debt weary pilgrims. Paid in full. Even before we utter the words, "Forgive us our debt!"

Cash is not king. Jesus is.