Slum Dog

I was fortunate to see the movie before last night. Amazing. The story is worth seeing. If you have never been to India, it will cause you to want to go. We have friends there and you would be welcomed. 

What is more inspiring I think is that the film truly was a collaboration. People coming together with a dream to create. Little money. Lot of heart. 

They showed up together at the Oscars. No one was left home who wanted to be there. That is symbol of community. 

So I am thinking today about the church. How do we come together with a dream to create? Funds or not, how do we spread the good news of the kingdom? How do we make sure that no one is left behind?

Perhaps we look to our Leader who came. The triune God who collaborates Himself. Maybe we glance at  the heart of Jesus  and there we begin to learn what it means for us to come together and to serve beyond resources. Blessings.