I am an APP

I mentioned I got an iPhone the other day. Amazing. I want to encourage you all to get one. No I do not own stock.  For those who have one I have a question. How many APPs do you have? What do they say about you? Got the BBC or Urbanspoon? How about Shazaam and Wikipanion. If you are lost as you are reading this I want to encourage you to save your money and make an investment. You need the iphone or something like it. 

Now here is the best news. This blog (WorshipWell) is now available as an APP on iphone. 

No, Steve Jobs did not call me and ask. Brandon Case figured out how to do it. For now you can go to and paste the WW app logo into your home page. Then, when you are sitting in the doctor's office, at a red light, in a boring meeting etc, you can press the app and see the five latest blogs. It also has a link to the videos, which I sorely need to update. 

I am thinking this technology will revolutionize communications. Jobs knew that and many of you did too. The question for us Christians is how will we use it to benefit the kingdom?

Worship well may not be the biggest benefit to the kingdom, but I do think the WW app is better than that Flashlight app, or the Beer app!