Biggest Loser Back

We do watch it. Now that I have the Jillian Michaels ultimate fitness, I have to or, I fear she will come to my house and make me throw up.

So last night was the season opener. There are some heavy people on the show. One at least over 400 pounds and combined weight for one team of two people was 800. They were excited to be picked and excited to be at the ranch. When they got there, they had to do a work out by themselves. It was a disaster. They did not know how to work out. Then Bob and Jillian showed them. They made many of them cry, it was so hard. 

When they had their first weigh in, people wept as they took off their shirts, weighed in and saw what they had become. They knew the depth they had plunged to and they knew what it would take to gain health. Further they knew they could not do it alone. 

So you know where I am going. Do we know the depth to which we fell? How do we weigh in? Do we know what it will take to gain spiritual health? Will we try it on our own or will we get someone further down the road to coach us? Maybe even someone who will make us cry a bit. 

Good thoughts post new year's resolution I think. Hard to say, "No" to, but more hard to really, truthfully says "Yes!" to. 

Christ wants you to move toward healthiness. You are in the biggest loser club. He won't kick you out at the end of the week if you have not toned up, but He may mildly rebuke you and encourage you to  avail yourself of the Spirit and keep in step by getting help.

Action? You tell me.