Bible and Souls

Last Sunday night at the Gathering (the 20- & 30-somethings community at the church, we meet in the Hanger at 7pm) Matt Ballard reminded us of the only things that we can pour our lives into now that will matter in eternity: the word of God and the souls of people.

This is helping me shape how I look at the next year, as I plan where I will invest my time; and it's helping me reflect on the past year. Where did I spend my time? Will I reap an eternal return on that investment -- or was it wasted on me? accruing more cool stuff? the worries of the world? my comfort?

We'll do well to boil it down to that every day: Bible and Souls. Keep it simple...check ourselves every day, and every minute of the day, making sure we are giving our lives to what matters.