House Quiet

The moments are rare when our house is quiet. We have three daughters, no introverts. Today though it is quiet. Two of them went with Dorothy to Texas. One to Kentucky with her new hubby. So I am alone tending to the dog , "Make sure you walk her!" and the cats, "Make sure you scoop out the box!"

And it is quiet. In one way good. I am able to focus on things that need quiet. In another way, I can't imagine living many days like this. Alone. We were built for community. We were made to be with other people. 

I can't imagine the fellowship of the trinity. It must be, is, perfect. And then the moment came when the Father needed to pour wrath on the Son. He asked why He was forsaken. Alone. Not able? to hear the Father's voice. 

That is at the end of what we run from and to. From the solitary confinement of abandonment and to the loving arms of a Father who hears and speaks.