Seasoned Wood

Part of my role is "outside" so I dutifully "raked" leaves for hopefully the last time this year. I also thought I would get ahead a bit for Christmas Eve. We are actually doing our annual prime rib dinner on Tuesday as our newly married daughter is heading off on Christmas Eve to spend time with her in-laws.

Anyway, I thought I would get wood in the fireplace and get some extra inside the garage. We did not buy wood this year as we had a lot left from last year. So our wood is over a year old. 

Now, for those of you who are novitiates in the area of wood buying, I will tell you when they deliver it, they will often tell you it is seasoned. The question is "How seasoned?" Green, or newly cut wood burns very poorly. 

My guy is honest and he honestly told me that it was about "one month" seasoned. Not very. 

As I picked up the wood to bring it inside I thought, "This is seasoned, it will burn well." Of course He nudged me when that thought hit. Seasoned wood makes a better fire which burns brighter and hotter. Nothing can get it there but time and weather.

So I am thanking God for seasoning me and praying that He will light the fire that will burn brightly for Him. 

Age has advantages. (For those younger, I can say that He can season you rapidly in many areas; often it is trial by fire. Worth every pain)