She loves me

I figured out today, after more than a year, that my dog loves me. Now I am not going to defend or contrast "dog love" and "agape" or anything like that. I am just saying that for a long time I felt like she was just using me for a meal ticket and warm bed. Why? Because she acted that way and she, for the most part, thought only of herself. It was all about her walk, her bone, her getting to go outside in the back yard and her barking. She was and is self centered.

So what gave me the thought that she loves me? She follows me around. When I  go downstairs to the basement she tags along. If I go back upstairs she is right behind. Even more so, if I am doing something in the kitchen at the sink, she comes and lays next to me. She kinda gets in the way. She can't be missed. I notice her. 

Some times she does want to go outside, but not for long. She wants to come back in and be close.  

So today, I got it. She wants to be with me. As I reflect on that I think, do I want to be with God? Do I love Him? Do I go where He goes and curl up next to Him. Do I long for a word from the master and hope He will take me with Him? 

Jesus said if we love Him we will obey His commands. How about, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest." 

Now let me flip this around here and walk on dangerous ground. Jesus is near you. Where ever you go and whatever you do.  He loves you and He is the one who came to serve. How will you respond to that? 

Either way you want to look at it,  I think it merits some thought, some repentance and an acknowledgement that we are called to love Him even as He loves us. Blessings.