Well, it is one of the big words out there right now. The economy is "contracting." By that economists mean it is shrinking. We are spending less than we were. So retail sales are down 2.8% from last year at the same time. Now it is important to note we are still spending, just at around 98% of the rate we did last year.

So, why do I bring it up? Well, if we are spending less, that means we are either making less, saving more or giving more. Those are the only categories we have for money. Make it, spend it, give it or save it.

I know many who are making less. It is a hard time. Some people are making the same, but are concerned about whether they will next month. They are the ones who may be saving more, because the rainy day cloud is looming. They, like those making less, are also spending less. 

What about giving? It is excruciating right now isn't it? If you fear losing your job, it is hard to give. If you are not getting a bonus it is hard to give. There is wisdom in saving up for a rainy day. You need to be able to feed your family. 

So, I am not going to say, "Have faith and give to those in need!" 

I am going to say take a breath, pray, ask God to let you see what you need to do. 

Maybe He calls you to give money to the food co-op. Maybe it is a bag of groceries to a family out of work. Maybe it is prayer with a friend. Maybe it is to save more because you will be laid off. Who knows?

I can say He wants us to think about it. To not just "save", "spend" or "give." Each is part of our life which should be "thoughtfully" worshipful.

So, I may not have proclaimed here. In fact I hope I did not. My heart is for the church to think about the fact that God is ordaining all things and He calls on us as His people to be thoughtful. Blessings.