Warren Buffet and Jesus

Business News x 2

You may have read recently that Warren Buffett's group has a lot of cash on hand and he is now beginning to buy company stock. Companies like GE and others. He is buying low and getting a great dividend for his investment. Smart man? Well he has a lot of resources and he buys what he likes. 

My bank is Wachovia. We thought it was going to be bought by Citi, but now it looks like Wells Fargo is willing to pay more. 

All of these dealings are fascinating. Some people find themselves in a position to acquire. Others will be acquired. It is a classic part of the business cycle. 

As I reflected this morning, I thought that those being acquired are giving up their identity and/or having to answer to a new master boss. That is just the way it goes. If you cannot go it alone, you have to let someone else lead. A good reminder for us. 

He has resources. He made the purchase and now He owns us. He bought when we were very low and He expects a dividend. Not that we have to give Him a return, but that He will make a return on the investment. His kingdom will expand.

So what are we to do? Well, how about we be grateful that we have been purchased? How about we act more like stewards of the master and how about we appreciate His wisdom in acquiring us? He does not make bad investments. So, can I encourage you to say to yourself today, "Christ purchased me. A good investment because of what He will do in me." 

He will make you better than you are.  And the glory and wealth of His kingdom will increase. Good news for those of us who have been bought.   Worship Well.