Difference of opinion

I am guessing you have had differences of opinion with people. Question: Do you feel like you are the one who has to acquiesce? Are you the one who usually says, "OK we will do it mostly your way!" Hmm. I bet most people think that. They think they are the one who gives in. How can that be? If all of us are giving in to one another, how can it be that we feel we are the one who is mostly giving in?

Because we are self centered and blind to our condition. We really think we are pretty good and we are being nice. If we could take a God sized step back from our lives, we would see that the heart truly is a deceitful thing. We really are in it for ourselves. When we have to give away an inch of ground, it feels like a mile because we think of it as "our hard won" dirt.

Now before I say we are pathetic creatures, let me say that we are created in the image of God. Those of us who believe are children of the King. Our father owns it all and he has promised us a bright eternity. So, we are not pathetic creatures. We just act like we are.

What to do? Perhaps every time you have a disagreement with someone and have to compromise (I do not mean morally) you should ask yourself if you have blessed the other person. Sometimes that may mean not giving an inch. Sometimes it may mean giving the whole ball field. Did you glorify God and love the other person or did you just think you "taught them a lesson" by hanging on with white knuckles? Maybe they did need a lesson: that love covers a multitude of sins and that Jesus sacrificed.

Hard to do. I know I need more grace in this area. Blessings.