No credit or soup for you

Well I am not really sure what to think. Some of us lost a lot of money today on paper. I can not say I understand it all. What I gather though is that people will not be able to get credit. On one hand that would change everything. If people had to pay cash for what they bought. On the other hand, I do understand the basics of commercial paper, letters of credit and the need for accounts receivable factoring. 

So what are we to do. Pray? Good idea. Talk to leaders? Maybe helpful. Ponder the mystery of God? Yes. God is shaking something out here. On one hand He has me thinking about credit, debt and how we consume. On the other hand He has me repenting for how we could have been more active.  I am also thinking about leadership. Not to be goofy, but what would Jesus do here? 

He might rebuke. He might correct. He probably would not reveal his plan for the bail out. He would repeat the fact that He did bail us out of the big credit problem we had. The one where He credited to us His righteousness. Our stock was very low, like negative and He made it right. Perhaps we can rest in that. And perhaps we can be helpful to others who are not in Christ or young in the faith. He will rule.