Light of the world

It is such a well known phrase that when I came upon it this morning, it caught me off guard. John 9. Jesus is the light of the world. The statement is made in the context of the man who was born blind. He had never seen the light of day. Jesus came and healed him.

There is no account of what the man may have said to Jesus. My guess is he did not asked to be healed. He was a beggar. Jesus just did it. He healed without asking. Maybe the "ask" was way deep down in the beggar's mind and heart. Maybe he had asked before.

On this day, Jesus healed.

Why was the man born blind? Jesus gives the answer, "..that the work of God might be displayed in his life."

What is He referring to? The time the man had been blind, or the moment of healing? Hmm.. maybe both.

The man's suffering was not for nothing. (pardon the double negative).

Jesus reveals himself as truth, light and judge. He was when the man was blind. He is. He will be. No matter the circumstances.

He is the light of your world too, whether you see it or not. I pray that you will recognize that today the work of God will be displayed in your life.

Worship Well.