Used Car

I bought a used car yesterday. Not my favorite thing to do. It is like Forest Gump said, "Buying a used car is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are going to get!" That is not an exact quote.

So, you try and get the best deal you can. Now the seller is trying to get the most money he can which means you have a difference of opinion. Who is right? Who will walk away feeling good? Who will have buyer's remorse? Who will have responsibility for the ethics of the sale if something happens? Good questions. 

At the end of the day you know the story. You buy "as is." No warranty implied. It is not new. It is used, worn, a bit dirty and in need of something. You will have to spend money on it. 

We have been purchased too. As is. He will spend resources to restore us. During this life we may get a few more dings and dents along the way, but He is restoring us.  He bought us "as is" and He does not have buyer's remorse. 

So when my new used car breaks down I hope I will think of Him. Patiently, lovingly restoring me. Worship Well.