And Justice For All

We had the convicting pleasure of David McNeely today at Perimeter. I encourage you to get the podcast. Pleasure because David has a joyful view of God and his demeanor reflects it. Convicting because he is right. We really don't care about injustice. We are pretty caught up in our day to day lives. You can get the message at

So, as I have reflected on it a bit today I am thinking a couple things. I need to make sure I am not a contributor and I need to raise my voice when I see it. Awareness is a first step. By not being a contributor I mean that I need to be careful to think about companies that I by products from. By raising my voice I may mean more. Maybe I write to an editor, ask  questions or make a statement. Perhaps I even write a letter to a government official. For you? Maybe thinking about it this week will be good.

Next week David will get a bit more specific on the "what" to do. Invite a friend if you can. Maybe even one who is not a Christian. It could be a good introduction to learning about who we really are supposed to be.

One last point that my wife brought up today as we chatted over lunch. If you are a man who views porn or takes part in Internet nastiness; stop it. You are part of the problem. You sat in church today and you were not identified, but He knows the perversion in your heart.  Justice will be done. Get help. Others would love to lovingly come along side you. Don't let deviance rule in your heart. 

For the rest of us, we each need to examine our own hearts. We too can perpetrate in different ways. Search it out and ask Him to sweep it out. Cleanliness is not next to Godliness, but it is brought about by God. Blessings!