Selling a used car

Well, I sold the black ghost. My 1992 Volvo with around 214,000 miles on it. The speedometer had stopped working a while back so I was not exactly sure about the miles. I got hundreds of dollars for it. Almost ten hundreds.

Here was the interesting thing. When the man came to look at it, I felt like I had to tell him all the flaws. Every little one including the non visible ones. I wanted him to know what he was buying. The truth hurts. So, he gave me a lower offer. But I felt good that he knew it all.

I thought, after I sold it, that the Spirit has described all of our faults and flaws to Christ. Even the invisible ones. He knows them all. And yet He paid full price for us. No haggling. We are His.

My sneaking suspicion is that the guy who bought my car will fix it up. Make it better and worth more. Jesus will do that with us. He will restore what He has bought.

I had a guy call me after I sold the car. He wanted it too, but it had been sold.

Someone wants to buy your soul today. On the cheap. A cheap thrill, a lie, an opportunity to cheat. Tell him it has been sold and the Buyer has no remorse. He is restoring you. Blessings!