Looking for Trash

On Monday we put our garbage out and then Dorothy and I take an early morning walk. As we are returning, we often see two men in a pick up truck. They are rolling through the neighborhood looking for trash. Well, it is not trash to them, but it is to Dunwoodians. They pick up chairs, TV, furniture and other assorted things people like us throw out. They see them as valuable.  It is worth them spending gasoline money to drive around Dunwoody and pick up stuff and take it somewhere else because there, it has value.

Things that have no value to the people here, have great value to people who live in another place. 

Christ is a trash collector. He came to a place where souls had been discarded, viewed as worthless and He picked them up. He gave them value and He is taking them to a new place. 

We are called to see the world as a place where there is much treasure hidden in trash. 

As you head to work today maybe you will see it. The person who is downtrodden and feeling worthless, the woman rejected, the man under employed, the co-worker under appreciated. Viewed as trash. The Great Trash Collector will enable you, His assistant, to affirm, encourage and remind them that they are valuable to the King. 

One day, He will pick them up and take them there. For now, even though they are on the street, you are called to minister in His name to them and remind them of His faithfulness. 

Last thought: maybe you are one of them. Feeling a bit worthless today. I know how that feels. Can I encourage you as I encourage me that He sees us as prized? If no human comforts you on His behalf, He will for His name's sake. 

Worship Well