My good friend Mike Higgins shared this. He is pastor of Redemption Fellowship in Fayetteville. If you are ever close, his is the church to visit to (a) hear him preach and (b) get to know him. He is wonderful.

He shared the other day about the word dauntless. It means "can not be intimidated." He said that often what he thought was leadership in his life was manipulation. When he was supposed to be fearlessly leading he was fearfully manipulating to get something done. I can relate. 

He recounted the story of Jacob wrestling with God until dawn. Asking for a blessing.  God knew as dawn approached that Jacob could not see Him or he would die. Jacob clung to him. He was dauntless because He wanted God more than life. It cost him his hip and he had to say who he really was, but He clung to God and was blessed.

So, are you ready to be dauntless? To want God more than what you get when you manipulate others to get your way. Do you want God so much you are wiling to tell him your real name? Do you want God so much that you will cling to Him, even when doing so is costly?

Tonight anyway. I do. Join me. Worship Well.