My wife teaches ballet. She also teaches teachers who teach ballet. On our morning walk today she said something she has said before, but this time it stuck. She said, "As a ballet teacher teaches, she is required to (by the end of the class) have given one correction and one affirmation to each student by name. She is also required to physically put a student's body in the position it needs to be in so the body can "learn" if the student can not do it themselves.

That struck me. I asked myself how often I correct and praise people in my groups. When the mind or heart of a student can not get in the right position, how do I help him get there. What is the equivalent of physically putting a body in the right position?

To teach well, people have to "do" and then the teacher can correct. That is good teaching. I can look to Christ and see that He gives us things to do and then He both affirms and corrects. The Spirit moves our hearts but, we are still required to be attentive students and hold the position while we listen to the Master's voice. We have some responsibility. 

So, perhaps a good start to our day would be saying, "Call me by name master, what shall I do?Watch me, encourage me and correct me. I want to be made more in Your image."