Talk to him

I met with a man and we chatted about the problems of the day. Work, family, money, significance etc. He gave me some insights and I gave him a few. It was good. As the time progressed we talked about how hard it is to change. By ourselves we can only go so far. Time spent in the Word, if we are truthful, sometimes is not immediately helpful. It is not a magic potion that changes everything or many things all the time, some of the time or at the time. So are we to lead lives of quiet desperation when we do not see progress like we would like?


We are to clearly state what the problem is and determine the fix. Example: you may be struggling with job, family, integrity, money or kids. You may be wrestling with your attitude towards school. What is the problem? You are (I am). What is the fix? He is. 

So it could go like this, "God I am the problem, fix me."  A great prayer. Why? It clearly states the problem, it does not offer a predisposed solution and it places responsibility where it belongs. It acknowledges powerlessness and power. He has it and you do not.

Now for us "fix it types" that will be hard. I know we want to be one of those sitting at the table coming up with a solution. It makes us feel good to participate in leadership.

Sometimes the table only has three seats. Father, Son and Spirit. We are called to wait for an answer and it may not be what we think.

So can I encourage you to talk to Him now? Tell Him boldly what the problem is and ask Him to fix it. Talking to another human can be helpful, but that should be a prelude to talking to the one who has real answers and real power.  Blessings.