Recapping Randy

Far be it from me to recap Randy Pope. I want to point you to the podcast and make a few comments from today. It was a great/hard/good word.

God is sovereign. A young man asked me today if God could make a burrito so big He could not eat it. Sounds like a trick question that only a fool would answer. Well the answer is "No!" He can not violate His character or will. He is the greatest. He will make no thing greater. He ordains all things.

Back to the message. You can go to and get the podcast or to itunes. The essence was that God's plan for our life includes suffering. Our suffering and problems remind us that we are not independent, they rebuke us for our sin, they refine us and they prepare us. God has a plan and we have a hope.

So, check it out. And, if you are near Atlanta, come to church next week. We will go to the Lord's Table.That is where it all comes home. Blessings.