The Crown

Since we Christians were little ones we have heard about getting crowns and jewels for them. We have also heard about laying those crowns at the feet of Jesus when we get to heaven. Kind of a, "Even though I did the work, the deed the action; it really was Christ in me."

I got to thinking the other day. When Jesus "arrived" back in heaven after the Ascension, He had recently worn a crown. Of thorns. Perhaps that was laid at the Father's feet. It was the only crown He had.

So I wonder, as we think about crowns, if ours might be crowns of thorns too. Suffering for the king here. Maybe persecution, maybe illness, maybe financial distress. Entering into the fellowship of suffering.

What makes the crown worthy of presentation is the wearer. If the one who wears the crown of suffering does so with joy, looks with hope and endures patiently, he will be rewarded by being able to set it before the Suffering King. Then, then, all suffering will end.

Just to think about. Blessings.