I lived quite a long time in Texas and have family in Houston. Of course I called today. My brother in law was already cutting down the tree that had fallen on their house. My brother was waiting for his men to be able to get out on the streets and clear. He works for the local government.

Some people would say that Texans are a unique people group. I married one, so I know a bit about them. They do have this sense of, "Well, get the chainsaw and lets get out there and clean up!"

So they will. And others will help them. They are not quite as independent as they are portrayed. If I was able to and closer I would go.

Another storm will come. There, here or someplace else. God controls them. Oddly, I am not hearing the weathermen talk too much about that. No one has been able to calm storms, cause waves to retreat or stop the rain. Only Jesus did that.

In life we know that everyone will get wet at some time or another. From the rain. From life. Those of us who are spared the "storm of the day" are called upon to help those who are in it, even if they act like they are independent and have a chain saw. Sometimes, those are the ones who need help most. Blessings.