I met with several people over the last weeks who are trying to make decisions. Now we know that we should make our decisions in light of our chief end or life purpose, "Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever." The question is how do we apply that as we make decisions about school, kids, career path and life? Lets break it down.

1) How might God be glorified, magnified and loved by the decision? Not just in a token way, but how will you see Him at the center?

2) How will you enjoy Him by the decision? Him, not the "it" of the decision.

So some examples. Noah builds a boat. Abraham walks up a mountain with a son. Daniel eats veggies. Jesus goes to the cross.

The decision is not designed to bring you happiness, but it must bring you enjoyment of Him. Big difference. He is the one who is to be enjoyed. When we make decisions that move in that direction, we rest, we rejoice and we can endure the hardship because decisions in this world can yield hard things.

Food for thought. Worship Well.