I mowed my lawn today. It is a dust bowl. As I did I thought of the flooding along the coast. Why can't everyone just get a nice amount of rain, spread it evenly? Because God says so. "Not fair!" 'tis fair because God says so. "It doesn't seem fair to me!" Now we are closer to the root, "to you."

The good news is you and I do not determine what is fair. First of all we would never agree so it would have to be my way or your way. Secondly, we are not smart enough and we would make mistakes. God? Never. He never makes mistakes and He is always fair according to His plan, character and ways. Always. We are not smart enough to get it or know His plan.

So, if you do not mind resting in your lack of knowledge (sometimes I call myself stupid) and not feeling inferior because of it, you will be in a good place. Your identity is in Christ. He has you wrapped up. He is the brains behind this operation.

One last thing. It is fine to pray for rain. He may give it in His infinite wisdom. Blessings.