The catechism says that God governs. The bible indicates the same. He governs. Today I got a new look at the meaning of the word. I joined the public school governance council. Governing ain't easy. Especially when everyone has an opinion and you form a committee. Thank God I am Presbyterian so I am used to that (committees).

Our first task? Get some AC going in the building. To be fair, many parts of the building do have AC, but some do not. So I volunteered to make calls to "headquarters." Nice woman that I talked to but she suggested I turn in a work order. We already had done that. Then she asked me to "hold" and she talked to the maintenance people. "We fixed it," was the reply. "I don't think so," I responded.

I asked if I could have someone come to the school and meet us to walk around (we need a few other things fixed).

"Could you submit a work order?"

I thanked the young woman. She did what she could. I asked who had the power to make things happen. You guessed it, the man at the top. Too late to call today.

But, all of this reminded me that we need to go to the One who has power. Other people (any people) are nice, but their pay grade is limited. Only God can do the big things and only He governs all of His creatures and all of their actions. So I am reminded and grateful that I do not have to send His assistant a work order.

I am sure we will get AC in all rooms at the school and I am sure there are more blogs to come on High School governing. Blessings