You are nobody

Our IT guys are great. Very responsive. This week I have wrestled with my computer. Seems it does not recognize me. I am a nobody to it. I type in my password and it rejects it. Then it locks me out. Then I call Helpdesk and they re-set it and I can get in. Next day: I am locked out again. I feel like a nobody. It makes me a bit angry because my computer should know me. Something has changed and I do not think it is me.

I don't know if you have had relationships like that. One day fine and the next you are locked out. It seems to get "fixed" and then locked out again.

How about you and the Lord?

CAUTION: Serious accountability coming!

Have you locked Him out? We know He does not change, so if the relationship is password protected, guess who may have set up a new filter? Now God can break through, but you may need to ask or get a helper.

I have called the main man, and he is sending his main man to do business with my computer. When he does, the computer will open up. It WILL surrender and I will enter in.

Make the call, when He comes, you will open up and taht will be good. So, can I encourage you to check your password and see if you changed it? How do you know? You will know if you have not had much real interaction with Him of late. Last point: You are not a nobody and neither is He.