Our daughter was in a car accident this morning. The car was totalled. She is safe. And we are more grateful than ever. It just takes a second for your life to change. For everything to be different. It is hard to walk around with that sense in your mind. To know that God is real and He is sovereignly ordaining all things. He protects. He sits at the head of the flood. Days like today are helpful to me to that end.

We are thanking God for all the secondary tools He uses. Airbags, steel, seat belts. All of them are held together by Him. He is behind and over and around it all. Glory to God for His mercy. Blessings. If he would have taken her, we would have struggled, but still believed and said, "Glory to God for His mercy"

We live in Dunwoody and within minutes people knew and began to call. It is a small friendly community and we are glad we live here. It is good to have community on a day like today. It is good to have church people too. I hope you do, or if not you will get some. He uses them to shield your heart when times are hard. Blessings