.08 seconds

That is the distance it took for the American men to win the 4x100 metre relay last night. Check it out on if you missed it. An amazing race which teaches us alot about not giving up. Phelps was not the hero, it was Jason Lezak.

As I watched I thought, "It really is the smallest of things that make the difference. The Americans hold the world record by .o8 of second. No one will remember the French. First place counts. Best counts."

When it comes to spiritual things that is true too. Jesus did not leave room for second place. He smashed all records of love, service, forgiveness and redemption. The reality was, and is, that there are no other contenders. Not when it comes to salvation. He stands alone as the one and only. The way, true and life. Best counts.

For us who are mere mortals (no chance I will beat Michael Phelps in the pool) we should perhaps be grateful and cheer on our hero. That is what Phelps did last night. Someone had to swim for him. He had no control other than to cheer Lezak on. And he did.

So, would you take time today and cheer on Jesus? He is not "on" the team. He is. Pray! Ask Him to work! Praise Him for what He has done! And all the more as you see the day approaching.