Olympic Glory

I am sure many saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. It certainly was incredible artistry. Interesting. Art precedes competition.

My daughters and I watched the parade of nations and we noted that some nations seem to be happier than others. Researchers have noted it before. Think Brazil. Now think Uzbekhistan. Think Guatemala. Now think Georgia. It shows on their faces. Where people come from, their culture and worldview effects their disposition. Politics, government mandates, way of life and resources all have an effect on the disposition of a person.

Some nations had many who were chosen for the games. Some just one. Hundreds of nations were represented but not all. Of course my mind wandered a bit to "the" parade of nations to come. What will that look like? "People from every tribe, tongue and nation" How many from each, only God knows. I am sure art will precede on that day too.

All of us will be in the presence of the King and I am sure joy will be the color of the day. I am thinking there will still be in a sense Americans, Brazillians, Uzbekhs and others as the new heaven and earth come into being. Something of our character, disposition, culture and nationality will show through. Perhaps we could look at what we see now and at least ask the question, "Are Christian Americans joyful?" How might they show that?

I am not saying the Latins have it all right, but I can say they seem to be more the visible representation of joy. Those of you who have been to Guatemala know what I mean. We can learn from that, as they can learn from us (fun stuff like punctuality) as we are the church universal.

Jesus calls us to joy in Him for His sake. Rejoice!