A Mighty Voice

We have a wonderful choir at Perimeter and when you combine it with the beautiful leadership skills of Laura or Eric and the great bands we are blessed with, it is glorious. They all truly are gifts. We are trying to add to the numbers. We know we can not duplicate Laura or Eric! So, we are inviting more people to the choir in order for us to have them sing more.

As I have been in "inviting mode" I have talked to quite a few people, all of whom sing, but most of whom think they are not good enough for the choir or do not have time. It is impossible for me to convince them of the joy of being in the midst of 70 other people who are praising God. I do wish they all would come a visit for a weekend.

As I stood on stage last night in their midst listening to "Hear us From Heaven" I began to sing with them. I thought as they sang, "Open the blind eyes, unlock the deaf ears" that they would be singing that this weekend over people who will come who need to have eyes opened and ears unlocked. They will be asking God with a mighty voice "as one" to do a work. The power of the voice and the cry of God's people will be experienced.

It is important work, not in a proud way and not in the sense of leading people, but it is important work to cry out to God in a mighty voice over those who need it.

No guilt trip here. We know many people are serving in many ways on the weekend. But, would you pray for us as we invite more people to be in the choir? And you too can come visit!Blessings