Well, it is the "hit" show of the Summer. I caught what I think was part of the season end last night. I had seen some advertisements for it along the way. The basic idea is that people try to run an obstacle course that has odd obstacles, like four giant red balls you have to jump on, a walkway next to a wall that has fists come out of it to punch you etc. The "fun" part is to see the contestants lose it and get dumped into very muddy water.

I am not sure why the whole thing rubs me the wrong way or who I feel more concerned for, those who watch or those who participate. I think, "We must have something better to do with the time God has given us." Now I am not a puritan, but a little less of this type of TV and a little more sleeping, eating with family and friends and having good conversation, reading a book, taking a walk or mowing your neighbors lawn would make us as a community healthier. Just my opinion.

Where is my soap box when I need it? Blessings