Steve Brown and a Controversial Weekend

For many of you who are regular readers and attenders at Perimeter, you know Steve Brown. Some would say he is controversial. This weekend he preached at Perimeter from Luke 15 on the older brother. A good word on self righteousness that I needed to hear. I suggest, if you can, that you go to the Perimeter Podcast and listen in.

Now for the controversial weekend. Randy will be teaching on authentic manhood and womanhood over the next few weeks. The bible is a controversial book and as we enter in to these weekends I am praying that the Holy Spirit will cause people to breathe deeply, think deeply and even meditate on what the Word says. God created man and woman. He made them different and yet He loves them both. He chose to use men and women to procreate and He gave them distinctive roles. Then He called it good.

So, first step? Listen to Steve Brown on self righteousness. Second step? Think about your role as a male or female under God's loving plan. Blessings.