Junk Mail

It used to come in your post box (well it still does) but, now it comes to your email box. We have a good "blocker" at our office, but our IT guy sends us a list once a week or so showing us how many emails we really received that he blocked. I am sure it gives him great satisfaction to see big numbers and we certainly appreciate it.

Now we are supposed to scan down the list to make sure all the emails really were junk. Honestly, most of us don't. So if we do not respond to an email from you, it is probably because you are blacklisted. We don't look because we are confident in him. He knows what is trash.

Anyway, today I decided to scan the list. Here are some of the subject lines: world of clocks; distressed debt; woman gives birth to 18th child; join European idol auditions now; redefine well endowment; and how to take government subsidies. Some of the subject lines I can not disclose and some don't even make sense.

So how much junk mail do you get? I am not talking about emails and snail mail. I am talking about thoughts that roll into your mind uninvited and take up space. Do you have a filter that helps keep the "bird" as Luther once said from making a nest on your head? Jesus said it is what comes out of us that defiles us and Paul calls us to take every thought captive to the mind of Christ. Help can be found by the Holy Spirit; we just need to ask him to be our filter, to clean our mind, to protect us from the schemes of the evil one and to sanctify our hearts. Pollution and spam will come. Would you think about how He would want you to know how to press the delete button? Blessings