Going to Market

I had an opportunity the other day to visit an open air market on Church street. I love open air markets because they are real. People have brought produce and other small household products to a place where potential customers can peruse and make a decision about who has the best avocado.
It seems to be capitalism at its best. You can not sell your avocado for 50 cents more than your neighbor, if you have the same size. A level playing field. Being cheap, I find I like to check out several stalls before I make a purchase, and I usually buy from the vendor who engages me in a winsome way.

I wonder what a market of religions would look like? One stall Christianity, the next Buddhism, then Materialism etc... How do people exam what we have to offer? How do they compare? We know the Spirit must move for someone to know Jesus cares, but how do we do as His street vendors? Are we winsome and yet "assertive" enough to be heard in the market? To think about.