Do you believe it?

I have been out of the country with a team in London. During this trip, many of our team were really challenged to be able to defend the "why" of the "what" they believe. A hard task. Why do we believe Jesus is God, why do we believe God is three in one and what do we do with apparent contradictions in the biblical text.

The Bible is a book about Jesus. Those who get fixated on a variant or why Mark tells a story different then Matthew, miss the point; it is a story of Jesus.

The bigger question is who is He and did He do what He claimed to do. If we as believers can learn to learn about Him, we will be able to better "compare" Him to other gods. I say, compare, because I do not think debate or arguing will convince others. Remember, we believe the Spirit has to awaken the soul before it has ears to hear. But, we can be helpful to that end and hope that He is doing that (opening ears) even as we speak.

Still, we had a hard week in London. It is a hardened city and people there are closed in many ways to the gospel. We did what we were commanded to do and we believe He will water where He used us to plant. Blessings