What children don't do?

We know what they do: cry, poop, sleep, be naughty; but what do children not do? They do not take care of themselves, they do not show respect for others, they do not think too much about tomorrow or worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Jesus has alot of interactions with kids. Boys with fish, boys possessed by demons, little kids who need to be picked up. I don't think any of them say very much. They just "happen" to be around Him and, even though adults don't like it, He pays attention to them. In the culture, children were better seen and not heard, parenting was strict back then.

Jesus flips the parenting paradigm on its head. He says stuff like, "Really, all of you should become like one of these." Note, He does not say become a child. He says become like a child. Believe like a child, think about the future like a child, talk less when the Father is around and run into His arms more. Look to children and you will see how the Father sees you. Helpless and in need.

All of this is in the context of some asking how they can become great. If we have seen the transfigured Christ, we can surely follow Him when He says, "Become the very least" because He became like a child to redeem teh lost children of Israel. He is not just an example though, He is an enabler. As we run to Him, nudged by the Spirit, we begin to get the heart to pick up those around us in need.