Perhaps you already have plans that cannot be changed. We wish they could.

Sunday we will host our third annual Night of Worship at Perimeter. Doors open at 6p. If you live in Atlanta, we want to invite you to come and worship with us. Laura, Eric, Allan and the choir will lead us as we worship our God. Our theme is “What Worship Is” and we hope you will have an experience with God as you come. So, what is worship?

It is adoring – That is a word we do not use too much anymore. To look at someone and see that they are beautiful and glamorous and worthy of your affection is to adore them.

It is costly – Cheap worship is like costume jewelry. Everyone can tell it is not real and it is not very satisfying. Someone who goes to great lengths to provide something tangible to another has worshipped well. If it cost you something, then it truly is a gift of praise.

It is global – Most of us are white and speak English. Nothing wrong with that, but it can lead us to think that we are at the center of the gospel story. We are not. We are in a circle, holding hands with untouchables in India, children who have been sex trafficked in Thailand, black men in Nigeria and yellow skinned Chinese migrant workers. We are a minority. Worship has gone global.

It is a taste of future glory – We are waiting and worshipping and getting a glimpse of what is to come. Some moment, during some time of worship, you have had it. It is a small sense that God is real and that the joy will be inexpressible when we get to heaven.

Is that a bit mysterious? We hope so, and we hope it is enough to draw those of you who are saying, “I don’t know what I am doing Sunday. I haven’t made up my mind.”

Come, let us worship Him. It is time for cardiphonia. (We will explain what that means when you come)

Worship Well.