That stands for Men In Group. I have often shared about my discipleship group here. We had our last meeting for the year last night and it was wonderful. Today I am a bit sad as I think I will only see these guys a few times together over the summer. We have planned a Braves outing, a cookout and a service project is a potential. I will miss them.

Discipleship can not really be explained in words. You have to experience it. We have laughed, learned, shared, cried and been ministered to. No price tag can be put on that.

I want to encourage all who read this to get in a group (or start one) next August. Seems hard? Maybe. It will take some energy. Here are steps I would recommend:

1. Pray. Tell God you want to be in a group. Ask Him to give you names.
2. Call or email people you like. (Don't be in a group with people you do not like!) Know that others are shy, you need to be bold and ask.
3. Note that Randy P will preach on discipleship on June 22. He is a master and I encourage you to come and listen to what the word has to say about the "why" of discipleship. You will be inspired
4. Pray some more.
5. Set a date to meet with potential discipleship mates in July. Don't wait till August. Talk it out. One size does not fit all, but all have a size.
6. Don't know anybody at all? Hmm....if you are a guy in Atlanta contact if you are a gal contact

I encourage you to jump in, or back in. I know some have had bad experiences. So, try again. Blessings!