In London?

A bit of a tourist note today. John and Charles, sons of Susanna made an impact on the world like few have done. Much has been written about this Godly family. Charles' hymn writing and John's preaching were used of God to spread the good news in England. Wesley's chapel is still an active congregation, near Moorgate in London and his very small home still stands next to the church.

A visit is well worth the time, not just for the history, but to meet the current keepers of the flame. My friend Jennifer Potter is the Associate Pastor there and she is not just warm and friendly, she loves the Lord and people and is ministering to a multi ethnic, multicultural congregation in a real and healthy way.

If you get a chance to tour the house, one stop you should make is John's bedroom. Off the corner of his bedroom, he had a small prayer room that he would enter very early each morning to petition God. Being in the room is a privilege. To think of a man getting up early each morning to pray and to wonder about all the conversations he had with God in that room, what he asked for and how he beseeched His Lord. It is a living monument to prayer.

Downstairs in the church you can still see Charles' piano, where he wrote countless songs and John's pulpit. Artifacts that are not "sacred" but are inspirational and worth the visit. After you tour, see if Jennifer has a moment for you. She is busy, but somehow always seems to bless us when we visit. Blessings