Tax Man

Render unto Caesar's what is his. I think that is a good thought, especially since I have recently received a letter from the tax man. It really is a mis-understanding. Doesn't everyone say that? Mine really is, and I owe no more taxes.

But it got me thinking about authority. We really hate to be under it. Especially if it is going to take away our freedom, money, or fun. We want to be autonomous. The reality is we are not smart enough to be autonomous. If it were up to me, I would pay less or no taxes and then we would not have roads, or an Air Force or something I did not think of. Government waste aside, we need people above us to take something and share it with others.

Our loving Father, gives us freedom (at His expense) and then He sets some guidelines for healthy living and giving for the good of the community. I could now begin speaking of the tithe. But lets not. Lets just think today about what He is asking us to do that requires us giving up our freedom for. For His sake. Blessings