I have not commented in a while about "Lost"

For those overseas, it is one of the most popular and puzzling shows on TV. It is about people "shipwrecked" on an island. Turns out there is alot more to it than that and good is really against evil. Finding out who is who is part of the challenge.

Last night much was revealed that would not make sense to those who do not watch, but I can share that something is behind it all. That goes without saying doesn't it? Or does it? For those who watch, the question is not, "Is somebody behind it?" But "who?"

True. For those of us who live here, the question is, "Is somebody behind it?" Life. Before you say, "Of course, God is!" I want to ask you how you live that out. Or, if you are like me, maybe some days you are not really thinking about the "who".

As I am reflecting today, I am thinking the "who" is to whom we should direct our time and affection. He is behind all things and He is actually planning all, knowing the end He has in mind.

Evil may lurk, but "He who is behind all things" will prevail. That is hope.

This weekend: Communion at Perimeter. Matt Ballard preaches. Eric and the choir. It will be great. If you are in Atlanta, come and worship the "One who is behind all things".