Pulp Fiction

Not the movie. I poured orange juice the other day for my daughter and me for breakfast. I love pulp, the more the more the better. She hates it. So we buy both types. As I poured the last of the juice from one carton of "no pulp" I looked and saw the only other carton was in the fridge was "no pulp" too. Gag, I would have to drink "no pulp" orange juice. Oh well.

I set the glasses down and we began to eat. "This has pulp", my daughter exclaimed. "No it does not. Both cartons were no pulp and my glass is no pulp." She looked at me like she wanted to believe me, but knew it was pulp. Evidence? Pulp.

I had mis-read the carton. Sometimes, I can really see something as something it is not. I can believe I have truth, when I do not. I can live that out and actually get others to doubt the real truth. Thank God for the Spirit, who ferrets out reality when I live Pulp Fiction.

I said, "Sorry!" and she got a new glass. No pulp.