I saw a segment on 60 Minutes tonight about a Harvard doctor who is working in Haiti. Amazing. He is bringing good health care where there is none and making a difference. He has also recruited other doctors to join him. They would not be any other place even though the work is hard and hours long. They are making a difference.

I wonder how we as Christians can band together to do that. I think to some measure we do, but I long for more. Personally and professionally I would love to see us make an impact on the world that is noticeable. One of the keys may be the phrase, "the work is hard and hours are long." I think of great movements and that seems to be a descriptive. In the Christian community are we willing to sacrifice and work for the cause, even forgoing leisure?

I am not a Jesuit, I am not an ascetic. But I wonder if we (I) could or should examine how much I am really in the movement. BNot to compare but I can see who is. Herman A? In the movement. Felicity S? Living the movement. Randy P? A fool for it. I am thinking tonight we need to be a bit more rabid about Jesus, not to get a story on 60 minutes but to live out our calling for the sake of the King. Maybe the first steps are repentance and then asking Him to empower us as we step out in faith. Just something to think about. Blessings