Old Shoe

I know you have a favorite. Pair of jeans, shirt, shoes. Articles of clothing that you love to wear because they don't "wear" you. Comfortable. A new pair of pants, dress or hat can not automatically enter this category. It takes time, wear, and maybe even a few spots before something bought can become something "guaranteed" comfortable.

We have friends. As Dorothy and I left the six of them last night we remarked how comfortable it is. How enjoyable. Getting together with them over the years has been a joy. Like wine aging, jeans fading and shoes softening, our relationship has deepened. It is fellowship. Conversation flows easily, hearts are opened and life is discussed.

Some times we have prayed alot and some times not at all. Some times we have listened as one person shared heartache. Sometimes (oftentimes) we have laughed. We have talked about the past and dreamed about the future. We have loved one another without demand or presupposition.

We will get together with our friends again. And I am confident it will be more of the same. You know why? All of us are more and more comfortable with Our Lord. It took a while before somethings (some people) bought became comfortable. But along the way, He has made us comfortable with Him.

Our life situations may be more tragic than they have been or, perhaps some things that will pleasantly surprise us will happen. In either case, we will meet, eat, live and encourage one another as He encourages us.

So, I hope you have friends like that. If not, get some. It may take some work but please know that He is calls for, and enables, the communion of the saints. Worship Well.